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How does this work? Where do I get the book?

You don’t need to find a physical copy!

We know that students are busy, and its difficult to find time to read for fun- so, we’ve taken out the heavy lifting. This short story will be sent directly to your email in short, managable sections 2-3 times a week so you can easily read it during a study break, in line at Starbucks, or anytime that you have 5 minutes to spare.

No matter which story ECU chooses to read, the first installment will be sent out on October 2nd and the last will be on Halloween!

If you fall behind, don’t worry! The story will still be in your email waiting for you when you have more freetime!

Now that you are subscribed, you don’t need to worry about missing any part of the fun! If you’re not a fan of email, you can also find the story sections here on substack or linked @Joynerlibrary on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

This bookclub format is inspired by Matt Kirkland’s Dracula Daily: a project that sends out sections of the novel Dracula as a newsletter on the day that the book states the events occur every year from May- November.

What story are we reading?

That’s up to you, ECU! Throughout September the magnet wall in Joyner Library (just past the circulation desk and near the elevator) will have a spot for you to vote on which short story you think we should read in October.

Or, if you can’t make it to the library in person, you can vote online!

Why are these stories so old?

We are taking advantage of the public domain status (meaning copyright has expired) of older stories so that there is no cost to reading and so we have the freedom to break the story into smaller sections and include some archival photos to go along with it.

Can’t wait to start reading?

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The ghost icon was created by Ben Cunningham from the noun project

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Welcome to ECU Campus Reads! In this digital book club we will be reading short stories one small section at a time.


ECU Campus Reads

East Carolina University's digital book club! Bringing you public domain stories section by section throughout October! Voting for which story to read begins in September and can be found on the magnet wall in the main library.